The revealed preference of a wresting fan

Word Life

I've been thinking of revealed preference as a wrestling fan. Being a fan of something is about how you spend your time and money.  I don't watch a lot of wrestling matches or wrestling TV shows, but I spend a lot of my time on wrestling.  I decided to audit how I spend my time and money on wrestling over the last ten years.  Here is a ranked list of how I spend my resources. 

  1. Listening to people talk about wrestling (podcasts)
  2. Seeing Wrestling Live
  3. Taking Pictures of Wrestling
  4. Buying Wrestling T-Shirts
  5. Watching Wrestling on TV
  6. Reading about wrestling on Twitter/Facebook
  7. Writing about wrestling here
  8. Wrestling Books
  9. Buying Wrestling PPVs
  10. Subscribing to wrestling streaming services

Things I never spend my time or money on:

  • Wrestling Toys 
  • Wrestling Collectibles 
  • Meet and Greets
  • Wrestling Conventions
  • Traveling to see wrestling  


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