Jobs in the future

Knocked out

I've been thinking about ChatGPT, Open AI, and AI in general lately.  This is one of those time I wish I knew more about publishing.  I hear people on podcasts say that this will take a lot of editors will loss their jobs to AI bots.  This seems backwards to me.  If I was a publisher, I'd be stocking up on well trained editors to work with AI programs.  AI's have a problem about being confidently wrong and Hallucination. I would think an editor and a fact checking team is what would be needed to make sure the information is good.  

One of the things that will be needed are AI programs that show the references it is using.  This way someone can looking at the input information.  I have the feeling this will be the AI companies pay for, not the AI content mills will use.  I wonder how many ways there will be to make AI products and which will be successful. 

A few years ago a friend at Google told me that AI and Machine Learning will change the way everyone wrote code in the future.  He said Machine Learning would total change everything.  The only problem is the code is much harder to debug.  It will be an interesting future.  

I have the feeling that AI pilots will be a job for the future.  I read an interview I cannot find right now, but the software profession said that using AI prompts well to get good output will be a job skill.  It does not matter if it is software, graphics, or writing, the higher quality the prompts, the higher quality the output.  I think this will change everything, but not in the ways most people thing right now.  

I think this video is a pretty good argument about one of the issues with AI bots


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