Three Years Into This

Motion Blurs

We are currently three years into whatever we call this.  A photo came up as a memory of the last time I went to a pro wrestling show in February 2020.  I looked at the photo and thought, "That was before I cared about COVID19."

In December of 2020 I wondered when the first day I'd forget about COVID19 would be.  What would be the first day there would be no reminders.  By December 2020, there would be moments of forgetfulness.  Sometimes I'd just forget the state of the world for a few minutes, just for it all to come rushing back.  

I wonder if there was a day over Christmas break where I forgot about COVID19.  A day where I didn't see anyone in a mask or worried about social distancing.  A day where I didn't think about how the world has changed.  A day that I didn't worry about what could go wrong next.  I might have had that day over Christmas break.  It would have had to be a day where my son didn't go to school.  School is a daily reminder of COVID19.  

I wonder when COVID19 will really feel like the past.  I wonder when I'll feel like it is really over.  It feels like it is kind of over now.  It feels like something we are trying to put out of our mind, not something we have past.  Maybe it feels like something that is over for some people and not for others, and I'm one of the people who are caught between those two groups. 

Covid 19 Sign


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