Goodbye dear friend

NaNoWriMo TGIO Party 2006: Antwon The King

A dear friend passed a few days ago.  Antwon was a generous person. He was smart, funny, and quick with a kind word.  He loved to make people laugh, smile, and feel good.  He was a great "Yes and..." person.  You would come up with a funny idea and he knew how to make it better. He could make it funnier, wackier, and more absurd. I knew him from his blogs, blogging meetups and National Novel Writing Month.  He was a good enough friend that I went to his wedding and he came to my wedding. He love sports, writing, traveling, and the video game Rock Band.

Twon was younger than me by a few years.  His death makes me really sad.  I have not gotten the chance to hang out with him for a few years.  We fell out of touch with each other.  I would still see him on social media, but our circles started to move away from each other.  It is what happens when you get older and you have less time to hang out.

I will remember his XFL discount sweatshirts, him letting us use his season ticket stubs to get to the good food at ATT Park, his quest to visit every county in America and his ability to tell a funny story.  He made a big impact on my life and the world is a little less special without him in it. 


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